POD, once an nouvelle concept is today the call and need of the hour. The most alluring aspect of the business is its ability to service without the compulsion to stock large print volumes, which eats up the cashflow of businesses.

There rests an unspoken challenge, collectively faced by professional institutions, organizations, students, teachers, schools, families, etc., it's called the Print Outs! Single prints are serviceable by our desktop printers. Large volumes are serviceable by various printing technologies. But, what about the kind of needs that surface in between this spectrum of 1 to many? Even with emerging technologies, this still seems to be an unresolved problem.

That's what clictoprint is trying to solve here; Be the solution for that segment in between that can offer printing, binding, packaging and delivery for an indefinite number of (any kind of) print outs that are too large a volume for desktop printing and too less for offset printing. Well, that's where the multiple digital printers available across the city come into play, don't they?

But, what does clictoprint plan to do here, differently? We offer an end-to-end service; which means that customers have to just upload the printable file into our interface. We print, we bind, we pack and we deliver it to any place in the country in the shortest time possible. In fact for single copies there is a 24 hour delivery promise that we make (under certain specifications and types of printing needs). There is no more need to stand in long queues outside digital printing units, or sit with a DTP Operator explain your creative needs, when you can do all that from the comfort of your home, over an AV Interface that helps us understand your requirements and service your needs. Also, we follow data safety protocols and methods so that your information is never compromised and you don't have to worry about the DTP Operator saving a copy of your information, ever!

What can clictoprint service? Well almost anything that can be printed on a physical paper and sent to a destination of your choice. We service text books, booklets, posters, record books, project reports, journals, story books, novels, brochures, diaries, writing pads, business cards, folders, and what not!! Pick anything and we got it!

Who can use clictoprint? Anyone who needs anything to be printed can use our service. You can be assured that we take no responsibility for the content that we print and we also do not levy any ownership or rights to use the content. The file and the content belongs to the owner and clictoprint will conduct no moderation or take any responsibility for the ethics unless it explicitly violates the social, legal and moral codes of the Country.

How to use clictoprint? Visit the Print-Now section on our website, www.clictoprint.com and upload your document once you have read through our Terms & Privacy. The rest will be taken care by us.

Stop waiting, Start Printing!